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Mojo Nixon

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I can fall asleep at any time and wake up at any time.

— Mojo Nixon

#asleep #fall #i #i can #time

I graduated from college in Ohio and bummed around for a while, and then I joined VISTA, which was a domestic Peace Corps kind of thing, and they sent me to Colorado.

— Mojo Nixon

#bummed #college #colorado #corps #domestic

Me and Don Henley are fast acquaintances now, or something. He actually got on stage and sang with me.

— Mojo Nixon

#actually #don henley #fast #got #henley

Rave music sounds like an electronic disco version of '30s Universal monster movies.

— Mojo Nixon

#electronic #like #monster #movies #music

About Mojo Nixon

Mojo Nixon Quotes

Did you know about Mojo Nixon?

Also among his later work was "Tie My Pecker To My Leg" which featured lyrics about bestiality incest and coprophilia. com along with a tour of several Texas locations. To promote the CD he announced the temporary free downloads of the CD tracks and several of his solo albums (and albums with Skid Roper) on Amazon.

Mojo Nixon (born Neill Kirby McMillan Jr. He has officially retired from playing live and recording though he does host several radio shows on Sirius Satellite Radio and has come out of retirement for one-off events such as an event to support fellow musician Kinky Friedman's candidacy for Texas governor.

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