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Owen Hart

Read through the most famous quotes from Owen Hart

I'm Owen Hart and I have my own identity and my own style.

— Owen Hart

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A guy like Benoit, he's really good and a lot like Dynamite. Dynamite, just because he was the original, was the best. But, you know, Benoit now is by far better. Dynamite Kid is nothing now.

— Owen Hart

#best #better #dynamite #far #good

All I had to do was go out and perform. One of the hardest things was doing those back flips, where you had to jump up and land on the top rope. It's precision movement.

— Owen Hart

#doing #flips #go #had #hardest

Double J is similar in age, we're similar in experience. I think if we hooked up, we could be a formidable team. We get along well inside the ring and outside the ring.

— Owen Hart

#along #could #double #experience #formidable

I find too often in the wrestling business, you just wrestle, get to the hotel, make your money. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy my life and not just rush through.

— Owen Hart

#enjoy #find #get #hotel #i

I love working in Canada. The ovation is great. It makes me feel like I'm the top dog.

— Owen Hart

#dog #feel #great #i #i love

I owe a lot to my dad, just for having provided the wrestling business for us to get into.

— Owen Hart

#dad #get #having #i #into

I see these guys, they throw a guy into the ropes and they do a back flip and then clothesline the guy and it looks stupid. Why don't you just clothesline the guy?

— Owen Hart

#flip #guy #guys #i #i see

I'd come from the bottom of the barrel. Just Owen Hart getting out of the shadow of Bret Hart's little brother. Everyone figured, this is a joke, Owen's going to get squashed.

— Owen Hart

#bottom #bret #brother #come #everyone

It's unacceptable to just sit on the couch and say I'm not doing anything. You've got to get out and do everything you can.

— Owen Hart

#couch #doing #everything #get #got

About Owen Hart

Owen Hart Quotes

Did you know about Owen Hart?

Owen rebounded from the loss to Bret by winning the WWF Tag Team title from The Smoking Gunns at WrestleMania XI. In the weeks after the Rumble Bret and Owen claOwen Hartd again with Bret soundly defeating his brother thus putting an end to their feud for the time being. USWA feud was cut short when he suffered a knee injury in the summer of 1993 and was forced to take some time away from the ring.

S. A member of the Hart wrestling family Hart was born in Calgary Alberta Canada the youngest of 12 children to Stampede Wrestling promoter and WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart and Helen Hart. He has been cited by a number of peers as one of the WWF's greatest professional wrestlers.

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