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Peter Facinelli

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I like to keep my Twitter pure. I don't want to sell my followers anything.

— Peter Facinelli

#followers #i #keep #like #pure

I don't know what the future holds. I just try to do roles that I haven't done before.

— Peter Facinelli

#done #future #haven #holds #i

It definitely gets challenging at times. I travel a lot more now, and its never easy having to leave the kids, even if its for a few days.

— Peter Facinelli

#days #definitely #easy #even #few

My advice has always been to study the craft of acting if you want to be an actor. There are many great schools that teach acting. NYU being one of them.

— Peter Facinelli

#actor #advice #always #been #being

When I was younger I saw a movie called 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Those two actors and that movie was my inspiration to want to be an actor.

— Peter Facinelli

#butch #called #i #inspiration #kid

About Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli Quotes

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He became known as the star of Fox's 2002 television series Fastlane. Personal life
Facinelli met Jennie Garth on the set of An UnfiniPeter Facinellid Affair a 1996 television film. He is currently a regular on the television series Nurse Jackie portraying the role of Dr.

He plays Dr. Fitch "Coop" Cooper. He is also well known for his role as Mike Dexter in the film Can't Hardly Wait.

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