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Peter Lombard

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But the mind is here accepted not for the soul, but for that which is the more excellent in the soul.

— Peter Lombard

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Therefore the elect shall go forth... to see the torments of the impious, seeing which they will not be grieved, but will be satiated with joy at the sight of the unutterable calamity of the impious.

— Peter Lombard

#elect #forth #go #grieved #impious

Therefore when the mind knows itself and loves itself, there remains a trinity, that is the mind, love and knowledge.

— Peter Lombard

#knowledge #knows #love #loves #mind

About Peter Lombard

Peter Lombard Quotes

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1096 Novara Lombardy - 21/22 August 1164 Paris France) was a scholastic theologian and bishop and author of Four Books of Sentences which became the standard textbook of theology for which he earned the accolade Magister Sententiarum.

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