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Portia de Rossi

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Recovery feels like shit. It didn't feel like I was doing something good; it felt like I was giving up. It feels like having to learn how to walk all over again.

— Portia de Rossi

#recovery #recovery

Average. It was the worst, most disgusting word in the English language. Nothing meaningful or worthwhile ever came from that word.

— Portia de Rossi

#portia-de-rossi #unbearable-lightness #english

You don't have to be emaciated or vomiting to be suffering. All people who live their lives on a diet are suffering.

— Portia de Rossi

#portia-de-rossi #suffer #unbearable-lightness #diet

I try to be feminine, yet intellectual and smart at the same time. You don't see enough of that.

— Portia de Rossi

#feminine #i #intellectual #same #see

In high school I had sex with girls quite a few times. They were straight women who I convinced to jump in the sack with me.

— Portia de Rossi

#few #had #high #high school #i

My sexuality is a part of me that I really like. But it's not the totality of me.

— Portia de Rossi

#like #me #part #really #sexuality

If you've looked at all the glamour magazines lately, all the covers are actresses. If they are on those covers, they are going to try to emulate models. That's just the way it is.

— Portia de Rossi

#emulate #glamour #going #just #lately

I didn't choose the fact that I was gay, but I did choose whether to live my life as a gay woman-that was the terrifying thing for me. Especially being a gay actress.

— Portia de Rossi

#being #choose #did #especially #fact

I don't even like watching sex scenes in movies. I have a slight prudish side to me.

— Portia de Rossi

#i #like #me #movies #scenes

I did a lot of fast talking as a youth; I was pretty good at it. I was never talked into it - I was always the one doing the talking.

— Portia de Rossi

#did #doing #fast #good #i

About Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi Quotes

Did you know about Portia de Rossi?

She became a US citizen in September 2011. In 2009 and 2010 de Rossi played the high-strung and controlling Veronica Palmer on the ABC show Better Off Ted. She also portrayed Veronica Palmer on the ABC sitcom Better Off Ted and Olivia Lord on Nip/Tuck.

: /ˈpɔərʃə də ˈrɒsi/) is an Australian actress best known for her roles as lawyer Nelle Porter on the television series Ally McBeal and Lindsay Fünke on the sitcom Arrested Development. Portia Lee James DeGeneres (born Amanda Lee Rogers; 31 January 1973) known professionally as Portia de Rossi (pron. She also portrayed Veronica Palmer on the ABC sitcom Better Off Ted and Olivia Lord on Nip/Tuck.

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