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Richard Roxburgh

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My most difficult thing so far, to be brutally honest, has been to waltz as if I knew what I was doing.

— Richard Roxburgh

#brutally #cult thing #difficult #difficult thing #doing

Dancing with Kate Beckinsale made me very excited.

— Richard Roxburgh

#excited #kate #made #me #very

I don't really have preferred roles except those with some complexity.

— Richard Roxburgh

#except #i #preferred #really #roles

I have to say. I kind of love all that stuff - those physical challenges. I guess there will come a time when I'll get sick of it but at this stage, I just like it all.

— Richard Roxburgh

#come #get #guess #i #just

This is an area you always need to address when you're dealing with Dracula is the fact that there is something kind of attractive in his darkness - which there isn't in other horror characters.

— Richard Roxburgh

#always #area #attractive #characters #darkness

You have to sort of see the way that the character behaves, and what the character says and does, and claim it in the same way that you claim anything, really.

— Richard Roxburgh

#behaves #character #claim #does #really

About Richard Roxburgh

Richard Roxburgh Quotes

Did you know about Richard Roxburgh?

They have two sons Raphael Jack Domenico Roxburgh who was born 10 February 2007 and Miro Gianni David Roxburgh who was born 1 October 2010. In 2000 Roxburgh appeared in the first of several international blockbuster films when he appeared as henchman Hugh Stamp in the John Woo-directed Mission: Impossible II which was filmed in Sydney. He stars in Matching Jack which was released in August 2010 and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole released in September 2010.

Richard Roxburgh (born 23 January 1962) is an Australian actor who has starred in many Australian films and television series and has appeared in supporting roles in a number of Hollywood productions usually as villains.

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