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Robert Bresson

Read through the most famous quotes from Robert Bresson

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.

— Robert Bresson

#make #might #never #perhaps #seen

Bring together things that have not yet been brought together and did not seem predisposed to be so.

— Robert Bresson


When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best -- that is inspiration.

— Robert Bresson


An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it.

— Robert Bresson

#detach #new #old #old thing #surrounds

Cinema, radio, television, magazines are a school of inattention: people look without seeing, listen in without hearing.

— Robert Bresson

#hearing #inattention #listen #look #magazines

When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best - that is inspiration.

— Robert Bresson

#doing #inspiration #know #you

Model. Two mobile eyes in a mobile head, itself on a mobile body.

— Robert Bresson

#eyes #head #itself #mobile #model

The most ordinary word, when put into place, suddenly acquires brilliance. That is the brilliance with which your images must shine.

— Robert Bresson

#brilliance #images #into #most #must

In the NUDE, all that is not beautiful is obscene.

— Robert Bresson

#nude #obscene

Films can only be made by by-passing the will of those who appear in them, using not what they do, but what they are.

— Robert Bresson

#films #made #only #them #those

About Robert Bresson

Robert Bresson Quotes

Did you know about Robert Bresson?

His style can be detected through his use of sound associating selected sounds with images or characters; paring dramatic form to its essentials by the spare use of music; and through his infamous 'actor-model' methods of directing his almost exclusively non-professional actors. "Robert Bresson" a poem by Patti Smith from her 1978 book Babel
"Spiritual style in the films of Robert Bresson" a chapter in Susan Sontag's Against Interpretation and other essays New York: Picador 1966. Berlin Film Festival Interfilm Award Winner
Berlin Film Festival OCIC Award Winner

L'argent (1983) - Money
Cannes Film Festival Prix de la mise en scène Winner


Feature films
Les Anges du péché (1943)
Angels of Sin

Les dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945)
The Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne

Journal d'un curé de campagne (1951)
Diary of a Country Priest

Un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut (1956)
A Man Escaped

Pickpocket (1959)
Procès de Jeanne d'Arc (1962)
The Trial of Joan of Arc

Au hasard Balthazar (1966)

Mouchette (1967)
Une femme douce (1969)
A Gentle Woman

Quatre nuits d'un rêveur (1971)
Four Nights of a Dreamer

Lancelot du Lac (1974)
Lancelot of the Lake

Le diable probablement (1977)
The Devil Probably

L'argent (1983)

Short films
Les affaires publiques (1934)
Public Affairs


By Robert Bresson
Notes sur le Cinématographe (1975) – translated as Notes on Cinematography and Notes on the Cinematographer in different English editions.

He contributed notably to the art of film and influenced the French New Wave. ". He is often referred to as the most highly regarded French filmmaker after Jean Renoir.

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