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Ron Suskind

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Younger colleagues tended to draw untested self-confidence from their bonuses and prestigious degrees.

— Ron Suskind

#immaturity #inexperience #education

The whole game was about confidence, as it always was. Everything was fine—until it wasn't.

— Ron Suskind


It is one thing to rouse the passion of a people, and quite another to lead them.

— Ron Suskind

#emotion #leadership #education

If you happened to be born on third base, you didn't rub it in the face of the guy who wasn't even born in the stadium. Self-interest was generally checked at the door with your coat and hat.

— Ron Suskind

#greatest-generation #magnanimity #noblesse-oblige #education

Confidence is the immaterial residue of material actions. Confidence is the public face of competence.

— Ron Suskind

#confidence #marketing #professionalism #education

If the breadth of perspectives is wide enough to represent the fullest range of views, consensus is unlikely. If consensus is swiftly achieved, it probably means too few voices have been heard.

— Ron Suskind

#decisions #education

A little known area often defines the fortunes of leaders -- management skills.

— Ron Suskind

#management-and-leadership #education

Rapid change, accommodating it can be one of the great human capacities. But living through it can be the stuff of stress and often suffering.

— Ron Suskind

#change #disorientation #change

Civilizations rise and fall on confidence. America had figured out a way to borrow money to manufacture it.

— Ron Suskind

#materialism #optimism #education

The problems afflicting a nation are always in equal measure spiritual crises.

— Ron Suskind

#idolatry #materialism #education

About Ron Suskind

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" On August 11 House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers announced that his committee would look into the matter of the Habbush letter and a variety of other disclosures in the book. S. An official familiar with the administration’s economic policy told me: 'The recapitalization of the banks was a good idea and necessary.

He won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for his series of articles in the Wall Street Journal that became the starting point for his first book A Hope in the Unseen. Ronald Steven "Ron" Suskind (born November 20 1959) is a Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist and best-selling author. Suskind is best known for his series of prominent best-selling books cataloging the inner workings of the George W.

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