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Roy Hattersley

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Familiarity with evil breeds not contempt but acceptance.

— Roy Hattersley

#breeds #contempt #evil #familiarity

In my opinion, any man who can afford to buy a newspaper should not be allowed to own one.

— Roy Hattersley

#allowed #any #buy #in my opinion #man

In politics, being ridiculous is more damaging than being extreme.

— Roy Hattersley

#damaging #extreme #more #politics #ridiculous

Morality and expediency coincide more than the cynics allow.

— Roy Hattersley

#coincide #cynics #expediency #morality #more

The proposition that Muslims are welcome in Britain if, and only if, they stop behaving like Muslims is a doctrine which is incompatible with the principles that guide a free society.

— Roy Hattersley

#britain #doctrine #free #free society #guide

About Roy Hattersley

Roy Hattersley Quotes

Did you know about Roy Hattersley?

He later wrote the "diary" of Buster writing from the dog's perspective on the incident in which it claimed to have acted in self-defence. Early life
Roy Hattersley has been a socialist and Labour supporter from his youth electioneering at the age of 12 for his local MP and city councillors beginning in 1945. He was made a life peer as Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook in the County of West Midlands.

He served as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992.

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