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Scotty Moore

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It was way out in the woods in a beautiful, huge log studio. Keith Richards came in and did the vocals with Levon. Again, a big party, but we did get a good cut out of it.

— Scotty Moore

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We were fortunate to be there a day or two before "the big bang" and then we got the heck out of town.

— Scotty Moore

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About Scotty Moore

Did you know about Scotty Moore?

Scotty Moore was born near Gadsden Tennessee. In 1954 Moore and Black accompanied Elvis on what would become the first legendary Presley hit the Sun Studios session cut of "That's All Right (Mama)" a recording regarded as a seminal event in rock and roll history. Moore is given credit as the pioneer of the rock 'n' roll lead guitarist.

He was ranked 44th in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in 2011. He is best known for his backing of Elvis Presley in the first part of his career between 1954 and the beginning of Elvis' Hollywood years.

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