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Shannon Lucid

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When I got my PhD, it was a time when there were just no jobs for PhDs. Period. PhDs were getting the lowest paid technician jobs, if they were lucky, in any kind of science.

— Shannon Lucid

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I think that over the years, whether they want to admit it or not, people have to admit that the women astronauts have performed just as well as the men astronauts.

— Shannon Lucid

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If you look at the whole thing, I think the most gratifying thing is my kids, without a doubt.

— Shannon Lucid

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It was just using the liquid shampoo - the Russians have one very similar to the stuff we use on the Shuttle - you just wet your hair with it and then wipe it out.

— Shannon Lucid

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About Shannon Lucid

Shannon Lucid Quotes

Did you know about Shannon Lucid?

Both to and from Mir Shannon Lucid travelled on Space Shuttle Atlantis launching on STS-76 and returning on STS-79. Lucid's first space flight was in June 1985 on Space Shuttle Discovery's mission STS-51-G. In addition they performed 16 engineering tests aboard the Orbiter Columbia and 20 Extended Duration Orbiter Medical Project experiments.

At one time Shannon Lucid held the record for the longest duration stay in space by an American as well as by a woman. She has flown in space five times including a prolonged mission aboard the Mir space station.

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