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Story Musgrave

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It's hard to say what drives a three year-old, but I think I had a sense that nature was my solace, and nature was a place in which there was beauty, in which there was order.

— Story Musgrave

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That I learned even as a three year-old that I see this world that is really a mess and I learned to say, this is not me. I am not the one that is messed up. It is out there.

— Story Musgrave

#even #i #i am #i see #learned

I feel particularly close to them, because I am now out in the universe. I'm in a position to see nature from another point of view, to be outside the earth and see the big picture.

— Story Musgrave

#another #because #big #big picture #close

I have a great relationship with animals, and with children. I get to their level. I try to see the way a child looks at the world, it's hugely different.

— Story Musgrave

#children #different #get #great #great relationship

I never read a single book as a child. I did not read as a child. I worked on the farm. I had books in the classroom, but that was it. I never read a single book outside of the classroom.

— Story Musgrave

#books #child #classroom #did #farm

I would have taken whatever hand I was dealt. Space was it.

— Story Musgrave

#hand #i #space #taken #whatever

I'm such a long-term investor, I've never really let go and celebrated what I did with the Hubble telescope.

— Story Musgrave

#did #go #hubble #i #investor

Poetry is its own medium; it's very different than writing prose. Poetry can talk in an imagistic sense, it has particular ways of catching an environment.

— Story Musgrave

#different #environment #medium #own #particular

There really isn't a time to pause and have a celebration. I feel so serious about the whole thing.

— Story Musgrave

#celebration #feel #i #i feel #pause

When you're looking that far out, you're giving people their place in the universe, it touches people. Science is often visual, so it doesn't need translation. It's like poetry, it touches you.

— Story Musgrave

#giving #like #looking #need #often

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Story Musgrave Quotes

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This flight was the first pallet-only Spacelab mission and the first mission to operate the Spacelab Instrument Pointing System (IPS). He has flown 17700 hours in 160 different types of civilian and military aircraft including 7500 hours in jet aircraft. "
"People love Hubble images.

Franklin Story Musgrave (born August 19 1935) is an American physician and a retired NASA astronaut. He is a public speaker and consultant to both Disney's Imagineering group and Applied Minds in California.

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