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Terry Gross

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Most people I know that have work that is very meaningful to them pay the price of having to work all the time.

— Terry Gross

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Often real life is boring and problematic. I love the edited version of it.

— Terry Gross

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What puts someone on guard isn't necessarily the fear of being found out.

— Terry Gross

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Work can take on a new dimension if you know something about the artist.

— Terry Gross

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About Terry Gross

Terry Gross Quotes

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Difficult interviews
Gross has drawn added public attention following some occasions when interviews have taken a confrontational turn. Gross lives in Philadelphia. The couple have no children.

She has a reputation for researching her guests' work largely the night before an interview often asking them unexpected questions about their early careers. Gross has won praise over the years for her low-key and friendly yet often probing interview style and for the diversity of her guests.

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