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Timothy Thomas Fortune

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Mob law is the most forcible expression of an abnormal public opinion; it shows that society is rotten to the core.

— Timothy Thomas Fortune

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It is not safe in the republican form of government that clannishness should exist either by compulsory or voluntary reason. It is not good for the government and it is not good for the individual.

— Timothy Thomas Fortune

#either #exist #form #good #government

Men may be spoiled by education, even as they are spoiled by illiteracy. Education is the preparation of the mind for future work, hence men should be educated with special reference to the work.

— Timothy Thomas Fortune

#education #even #future #hence #illiteracy

The white men of the South had better make up their minds that the blacks will remain in the South just as long as corn will tassel and cotton will bloom into whiteness.

— Timothy Thomas Fortune

#blacks #bloom #corn #cotton #had

We are African in origin and American in birth.

— Timothy Thomas Fortune

#american #birth #origin

About Timothy Thomas Fortune

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and Jerome B. Domingo Hubert Harrison and John E. Fortune and the Negro World
Fortune went to work as an editor at the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League's house organ the Negro World in 1923.

Timothy Thomas Fortune (October 3 1856 – June 2 1928) was an orator civil rights leader journalist writer editor and publiTimothy Thomas Fortuner. He was born during slavery in Marianna Jackson County Florida to Emanuel and Sarah Jane Fortune.

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