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Walter Russell Mead

Read through the most famous quotes from Walter Russell Mead

Life isn't easy, and leadership is harder still.

— Walter Russell Mead

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The Arab states don't seem to do a good job of providing for their own people, so I am not sure why they would suddenly develop an ability to help the Palestinians.

— Walter Russell Mead

#am #arab #develop #good #good job

This very individualistic form of Protestant Christianity that became so basic in English and then American life is to a large degree responsible for the historical success of Britain and America.

— Walter Russell Mead

#american #american life #basic #became #britain

About Walter Russell Mead

Walter Russell Mead Quotes

Did you know about Walter Russell Mead?

who grew up in several places in the South. In doing so he sometimes grossly understates the human devastation wrought by the United States. Via media is a Latin phrase meaning "the middle road" and is a philosophical maxim for life which advocates moderation in all thoughts and actions.

He is an honors graduate of Groton School and Yale where he received prizes for history and debate. who grew up in several places in the South. Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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