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William Laud

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The Lord receive my soul, and have mercy on me, and bless this kingdom with peace and charity, that there may not be this effusion of Christian blood amongst them.

— William Laud

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About William Laud

William Laud Quotes

Did you know about William Laud?

In 1605 somewhat against his will he obliged his patron Lord Devonshire by conducting his marriage to a divorcée Penelope Lady Rich. John's College Oxford. He was indeed far more inclined to make enemies than friends due to his irritable temper and the extraordinary sharpness with which he reprimanded anyone even his social superiors with whom he disagreed.

This and his support for King Charles I resulted in his beheading in the midst of the English Civil War. One of the High Church Caroline divines he opposed radical forms of Puritanism. William Laud (7 October 1573 – 10 January 1645) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 to 1645.

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