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William Whewell

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Every failure is a step to success. Every detection of what is false directs us towards what is true: every trial exhausts some tempting form of error.

— William Whewell


Every failure is a step to success.

— William Whewell

#failure #step #success

We cannot observe external things without some degree of Thought; nor can we reflect upon our Thoughts, without being influenced in the course of our reflection by the Things which we have observed.

— William Whewell

#cannot #course #degree #external #external things

Hence no force, however great, can stretch a cord, however fine, into a horizontal line which is accurately straight: there will always be a bending downwards.

— William Whewell

#always #bending #cord #downwards #fine

It is a test of true theories not only to account for but to predict phenomena.

— William Whewell

#only #phenomena #predict #test #theories

About William Whewell

William Whewell Quotes

Did you know about William Whewell?

(1852) Lectures on the history of Moral Philosophy. He was Second Wrangler in 1816 President of the Cambridge Union Society in 1817 became fellow and tutor of his college and in 1841 succeeded Dr Christopher Wordsworth as master. (1857) Spedding's complete edition of the works of Bacon.

William Whewell FRS FGS (pron. : /ˈhjuːəl/ HEW-əl; 24 May 1794 – 6 March 1866) was an English polymath scientist Anglican priest philosopher theologian and historian of science. He was Master of Trinity College Cambridge.

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