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My project was radiation damage of Si and Ge by energetic electrons, critical for the use of the recently developed semiconductor devices for applications in outer space.

Walter Kohn

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Buckley prize in Solid State Physics (American Physical Society 1961)
Davisson-Germer Prize (American Physical Society 1977)
National Medal of Science (1988)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1998)
Austrian Decoration for Science and Art (1999)
Grand Decoration of Honour in Silver with Star for Services to the Republic of Austria (2008)
Harvard University awarded him an Honorary Doctor of Science (May 2012)

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List of Nobel laureates affiliated with the University of California Santa Barbara. A short but fascinating autobiography may be found on the Nobelist webpage. Another favorite stop for Kohn is in Switzerland at the ETH.

He was awarded with John Pople the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1998. The award recognized their contributions to the understandings of the electronic properties of materials. Walter Samuel Gerst Kohn (born March 9 1923) is an Austrian-born American theoretical physicist.

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