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Acting is still, of course, what I love to do most. The beauty of it is that by changing characters, it never gets boring.

Christopher Lambert

#beauty #boring #changing #characters #course

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The Sicilian directed by Michael Cimino and starring Lambert as Salvatore Giuliano was released in 1987 and was less successful than his previous pictures receiving a lukewarm reception by critics and being only marginally profitable. In the course of that decade Lambert also occasionally appeared in French films such as Max et Jérémie (1992). His filmography included low-budget films such as Adrenalin: Fear the Rush which were generally poorly-received by critics.

Christophe Guy Denis "Christopher" Lambert (born 29 March 1957) is an American-born French actor who has appeared in American as well as French and other European productions. He is credited internationally as Christopher Lambert with the exceptions of French-speaking countries where he is known as Christophe Lambert.

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