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They didn't have the money to keep Christopher Lee long enough to play his scenes with me.

Herbert Lom

#enough #his #keep #lee #long

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Did you know about Herbert Lom?

He secured a seven-picture Hollywood contract after World War II but was unable to obtain an American visa for "political reasons". Pitt (1942) and again in the 1956 version of War and Peace. I have been hurt by my children.

He is best known for his roles in The Ladykillers and The Pink Panther film series. Herbert Lom (Czech pronunciation: [ɦɛrbɛrt lom]; 11 September 1917 – 27 September 2012) was a Czech-born film and television actor who moved to the United Kingdom in 1939. In a career lasting more than 60 years he appeared in character roles usually portraying villains early in his career and professional men in later years.

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