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I think Francis at half form is better than anybody else by 50%, you know? I think it's just that he has never... he has a late pick of the things that are ambitious enough for him.

John Milius

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Milius was also instrumental during the startup of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) organization: it was his idea to use the octagon-shaped cage and his association with UFC helped provide interest and investors to the startup UFC. Milius' script for Apocalypse Now had been eventually filmed by Francis Ford Coppola and was released in 1979 to great acclaim. Influence
Milius has long claimed to be an outsider in Hollywood.

John Frederick Milius (born April 11 1944) is an American screenwriter director and producer of motion pictures. He co-wrote the first two Dirty Harry films and Apocalypse Now and wrote and directed Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn.

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