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Interesting phenomena occur when two or more rhythmic patterns are combined, and these phenomena illustrate very aptly the enrichment of information that occurs when one description is combined with another.

Gregory Bateson

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Creatura and Pleroma. Bateson's encounter with Mead on the Sepik river (Chapter 16) and their life together in Bali (Chapter 17) is described in Mead's autobiography "Blackberry Winter – My Earlier Years" (Angus and Robertson. He died on Independence Day 1980 at the age of 76 in the guest house of the San Francisco Zen Center.

In the 1940s he helped extend systems theory/cybernetics to the social/behavioral sciences and spent the last decade of his life developing a "meta-science" of epistemology to bring together the various early forms of systems theory developing in various fields of science. Some of his most noted writings are to be found in his books Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972) and Mind and Nature (1979).

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