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I don't try to be completely calculating in everything I say and do, but there's no way I'm going to talk. There's no reason to. And that's why I'm such a boring interview, because I don't go for the shock value, or smartass answers.

Chris O'Donnell

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At the age of 17 he was offered a chance to audition for a part in the movie Men Don't Leave with Jessica Lange and he won the role. Following Vertical Limit a four-year hiatus led some to believe Batman & Robin had damaged his career. Career
O'Donnell was discovered when he was cast in a McDonald's commercial in which he served Michael Jordan.

Christopher Eugene "Chris" O'Donnell (born June 26 1970) is an American actor. He played Dick Grayson/Robin in two Batman films Batman Forever and Batman & Robin Charlie Simms in Scent of a Woman Finn Dandridge in Grey's Anatomy Peter Garrett in Vertical Limit and more recently Jack McAuliffe in The Company.

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