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I think, generally, most people can't maintain anything that's particularly strict for very long. I watch people trying and failing to do that a lot.

Anna Paquin

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When Campion met Paquin—whose only acting experience had been as a skunk in a school play—Anna Paquin was very impressed with the nine-year-old's performance of the monologue about Flora's father and Anna Paquin was chosen from among the 5000 candidates. The other was a lead part in Fly Away Home playing a young girl who after her mother dies moves in with her father and finds solace in taking care of orphaned goslings. Career

Child actress
It was in New Zealand in 1991 that Paquin became an actress by chance.

Anna Helene Paquin (/ˈpækwɪn/; born 24 July 1982) is a Canadian-born New Zealand film television and theatre actress. She later appeared in a number of successful films including Fly Away Home She's All That Almost Famous and the X-Men franchise.

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