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Carency: in Artois. These titles held no official place in the hierarchy of the nobility but were often treated as ranking just below dukedoms since they were often inherited (or assumed) by ducal heirs:
French titles of prince recognized by the king
Holy Roman Empire States annexed by France
Arches-Charleville: in the Ardennes region near the border with the Empire. in France prince can be an aristocratic title of someone having a high rank of nobility in chief of a geographical place but no actual territory and without any necessary link to the royal family which makes comparing it with e.

Prince is a general term for a ruler monarch or member of a monarch's or former monarch's family and is a hereditary title in the nobility of some European states. The English word derives via the French word prince from the Latin noun princeps from primus (first) + capio (to seize) meaning "the chief most distinguiPrinced ruler prince".

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