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The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to protect the country they stole from red people.

James Rado

#country #draft #fight #people #protect

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Did you know about James Rado?

He met Gerome Ragni in 1964 when they acted together in the off-Broadway play Hang Down Your Head and Die. He has also been active in redeveloping Sun: An Audio Movie. The musical (then titled YMCA) was initially staged for backers in 1976 in a workshop directed by John Vaccaro with appearances by Ruby Lynn Reyner and Annie-Joe Edwards.

He and Ragni were nominated for the 1969 Tony Award for best musical and they won for best musical at the Grammy Awards in 1969. James Rado (born James Radomski January 23 1932) is an American actor writer and composer best known as the co-author along with Gerome Ragni of 1967's groundbreaking American tribal love-rock musical Hair.

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