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We have come a long way in terms of foreign policy.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

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Governmental functions
Prime Minister : 2002–2005. " The referendum itself was enventually nicknamed le Raffarindum by its opponents while Journée de solidarité envers les personnes âgées (Day of solidarity with the elderly) is sometimes referred to as la Saint-Raffarin by discontented workers (following a decision by Raffarin French workers are supposed to work on Whit Monday for free). Senate of France
Senator of Vienne : Elected in 1995 but he stays minister / 1997–2002 (Became Prime minister in 2002) / Re-elected in 2004 but he stays Prime minister / Since 2005.

Opinion polls following his resignation suggested that Raffarin was one of France's least popular prime ministers since the Fifth Republic was establiJean-Pierre Raffarind in 1958. fa. Raffarin is married to Anne-Marie Perrier (b.

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