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There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked truth.

Agnes Repplier

#naked #objectionable #truth

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About Agnes Repplier

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Did you know about Agnes Repplier?

She was a heavy smoker and had a conservative's outlook on the issues of the day. Bibliography

Essay collections
Books and Men (1888)
Points of View (1891)
Essays in Miniature (1892)
Essays in Idleness (1893)
In the Dozy Hours (1894)
Varia (1897)
Philadelphia: The Place and the People (1898)
The Fireside Sphinx (1901)
Compromises (1904)
In Our Convent Days (1905)
A Happy Half Century (1908)
Americans and Others (1912)
The Cat (1912)
Counter Currents (1915)
Points of Friction (1920)
Under Dispute (1924)
To Think of Tea! (1931)
Times and Tendencies (1931)
In Pursuit of Laughter (1936)
Eight Decades (1937)

Biographical studies
J. William White M.

Agnes Repplier (April 1 1855 – November 15 1950) was an American essayist.

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