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Stop worrying about the 'dumbing down' of our language by bloggers, tweeters, cableheads and MSM thumbsuckers engaged in a 'race to the bottom' of the page by little minds confined to little words.

William Safire

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Another book on language was The New Language of Politics (1968) which developed into what Zimmer called Safire's "magnum opus" Safire's Political Dictionary. Life and career
Safire was born William Lewis Safir in New York City New York the son of Ida (née Panish) and Oliver Craus Safir. His family was Jewish and originated in Romania on his father's side.

William Lewis Safire (/ˈsæfaɪər/; December 17 1929 – September 27 2009) was an American author columnist journalist and presidential speechwriter.

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