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I believe that with the help of foreign countries - and under that condition only, because they have no other source of financing - the new government may temporarily extricate Georgia from the current situation.

Eduard Shevardnadze

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After his personal subterfuge the entire Georgian border police was purged. He escaped an assassination attempt in Abkhazia in 1992: Russian military carried out an attack on Shevardnadze's life. He became the country's head of state following the removal of Zviad Gamsakhurdia as President.

From then on with the exception of a brief period between 1990 and 1991 only Gorbachev would outrank Shevardnadze in importance in Soviet foreign policy. Eduard Ambrosis dze Shevardnadze (Georgian: ედუარდ ამბროსის ძე შევარდნაძე [ɛduard ʃɛvardnad͡zɛ]; born 25 January 1928) is a former Soviet minister of foreign affairs and later Georgian statesman from the height to the end of the Cold War. Mikhail Gorbachev appointed Shevardnadze to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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