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I know why we can't have a frank discussion with our policymakers - if you're in the government or in law enforcement you cannot acknowledge that drugs are anything but inherently evil and morally wrong.

Steven Soderbergh

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"The fact that I'm not an identifiable brand is very freeing" says Soderbergh "because people get tired of brands and they switch brands. National Association of Theatre Owners president and CEO John Fithian indirectly called the film's release model "the biggest threat to the viability of the cinema industry today. His big break came when he directed the Grammy-nominated concert video 9012Live for the rock band Yes in 1985.

Steven Andrew Soderbergh (/ˈsoʊdərbɜrɡ/; born January 14 1963) is an American film producer screenwriter cinematographer editor and an Academy Award–winning film director. He has also directed smaller less conventional works such as Sex Lies and Videotape Schizopolis Bubble The Girlfriend Experience and Che. He is best known for directing critically acclaimed commercial Hollywood films like Out of Sight Erin Brockovich and Traffic and the remake of Ocean's Eleven.

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