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We want every human being in the womb to be safe, not have these babies be killed to solve some dilemma.

Randall Terry

#being #dilemma #every #human #human being

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Scheidler a class action suit to compel pro-life leaders to compensate clinics for loss of business. His decision to divorce in 2000 to marry Kollmorgen was unfavorably contrasted by some in the press to his own judgment expressed in his 1995 book The Judgment of God: "Families are destroyed as a father vents his mid-life crisis by abandoning his wife for a 'younger prettier model. Terry settled out of court with the National Organization for Women.

He has been arrested more than 40 times most recently for protesting President Barack Obama's commencement visit to the University of Notre Dame in violation of a no-trespass order from the school. The group became particularly prominent beginning in 1987 for blockading the entrances to abortion clinics; Terry led the group until 1991. In 1998 he ran for Congress in upstate New York and in 2006 for a seat in the Florida State Senate both times losing in the Republican primary.

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