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Everything that could produce a clash between the Arab world and the West seemed dangerous to me.

Dominique de Villepin

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2005: Urgences de la poésie ([Casablanca] : Eds. Although the law on the CPE is formally still valid the government promised to hinder its application and initiated a new legal initiative which will abolish the key points of the CPE. He as well as the UMP party believed that France's workforce rules were too rigid and discouraged employment and that some liberalizing reforms were necessary in order to "correct" the French social model.

Villepin was indicted in connection with the Clearstream affair but was subsequently cleared of charges of complicity in allowing false accusations to proceed against presidential rival Nicolas Sarkozy regarding bribes paid on a sale of warships to Taiwan. Villepin has enjoyed a modest return to public favour for his public critique of President Sarkozy's style of "imperial rule. "
He has written poetry a book about poetry and several historical and political essays along with a study of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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