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Mitchell Reiss

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And so there has been a lot of diplomatic movement.

— Mitchell Reiss

#diplomatic #lot #movement

We have a model that we're following, and it's the Libya model.

— Mitchell Reiss

#libya #model

Again, I think we have much greater diplomatic weight by having all of us sit on the same side of the table wanting the same thing, and putting it to the North Koreans.

— Mitchell Reiss

#diplomatic #greater #having #i #i think

Any agreement that you have isn't going to be based on North Korea's intentions or trust.

— Mitchell Reiss

#any #based #going #intentions #korea

First of all we have to recognize that despite all the problems - and in some cases failures - that this regime has been much more successful, much more resilient, than people had anticipated.

— Mitchell Reiss

#been #cases #despite #failures #first

First of all, I think the situation today is different. We're in a different place than we were in '93, '94.

— Mitchell Reiss

#different place #first #first of all #i #i think

I'm not sure you can do anything quickly or easily with the North.

— Mitchell Reiss

#easily #i #north #quickly #sure

It's time for the IRA to go out of business.

— Mitchell Reiss

#go #ira #out #time

It's up to Kim Jong Il to make that decision, and we can't make that for him.

— Mitchell Reiss

#him #kim #make #up

You have to play the cards you are dealt and if it has made it harder, it doesn't matter, you still have to get the deal done.

— Mitchell Reiss

#deal #dealt #done #get #harder

About Mitchell Reiss

Did you know about Mitchell Reiss?

However after Reiss denied Gerry Adams a visa to the United States to spur the endorsement of policing and justice in Northern Ireland by Adams and his political party Sinn Féin Adams criticized Reiss on March 16 2006 saying "I don't have high regards for Mitchell Reiss's input into this process" and "If it is he who is advising the president it's very very bad advice. Mitchell is married to Elisabeth Reiss

Negotiating with Evil: When to Talk to Terrorists ASIN B003MZ14OQ
Bridled Ambition: Why Countries Constrain Their Nuclear Capabilities ISBN 0-943875-71-4
Without the Bomb: The Politics of Nuclear Non-proliferation ISBN 0-231-06439-X
Nuclear Proliferation after the Cold War (co-editor/author) ISBN 0-943875-64-1
The Nuclear Tipping-Point (editor) ISBN 81-7049-227-0

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Washington College — Official Washington College Website
Mitchell B. Reiss (born 1957) is a senior American diplomat who became the 27th president of Washington College in Chestertown Maryland on July 1 2010.

He has degrees from Williams College The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University Columbia University Law School and Oxford. Reiss (born 1957) is a senior American diplomat who became the 27th president of Washington College in Chestertown Maryland on July 1 2010. He also served as the United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland with the diplomatic rank of Ambassador until stepping down in 2007.

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