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All of the religions - with the exception of Tibetan Buddhism, which doesn't believe in a heaven - teach that heaven is a better place. At the end of the program, I say that heaven is a place where you are happy. All of the religions have that in common.

Barbara Walters

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On March 3 1999 her interview of Monica Lewinsky was seen by a record 74 million viewers the highest rating ever for a journalist's interview. In 1981 five years after the start of their short-lived ABC partnership and well after Reasoner returned to CBS News Walters and her former co-anchor had a memorable (and cordial) 20/20 interview on the occasion of Reasoner's new book release. I didn't have to fight the bad days.

S. In 1996 Walters was ranked #34 on the TV Guide "50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time. Jim Hartz became her co-host.

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