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The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world.

Max Weber

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Therein Weber unveils the definition of the state as that entity which possesses a delegatable monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force. In particular the Protestant ethic (or more specifically Calvinist ethic) motivated the believers to work hard be successful in business and reinvest their profits in further development rather than frivolous pleasures. Politics and government
In political sociology one of Weber's most significant contributions is his Politics as a Vocation essay.

Maximilian Karl Emil "Max" Weber (German: [ˈmaks ˈveːbɐ]; 21 April 1864 – 14 June 1920) was a German sociologist philosopher and political economist whose ideas influenced social theory social research and the discipline of sociology itself. Weber is often cited with Émile Durkheim and Karl Marx as one of the three founding architects of sociology.

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