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Politics is activity in relation to power.

Francis Parker Yockey

#politics #power #relation

Quote by Francis Parker Yockey

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About Francis Parker Yockey

Did you know about Francis Parker Yockey?

After the defeat of the Axis in the Second World War Yockey became even more active in neo-Fascist causes. (Curiously he was staying at the home of a friend who was thought to be Jewish a Holocaust survivor and teacher of Hebrew at Temple Beth Abraham a local synagogue. He met with some lower-level officials but nothing is known to have come of it.

Yockey also met Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and wrote anti-Zionist propaganda on behalf of the Egyptian government seeing Arab nationalism as another ally to challenge "the Jewish-American power. As Russia switched to supporting the Arabs against Israel Yockey believed an alliance between Soviet Communism and the extreme Right could (and should) be advanced to weaken the strategic position of the United States[citation needed] which he believed was controlled by Zionist Jews. " While in prison for falsified passports he was visited by the American Rightist Willis Carto.

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