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There was a tsunami and there are terrible natural disasters, all of this because of too little Torah study.

Ovadia Yosef

#disasters #little #natural #natural disasters #study

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I am that someone. He blessed "all the leaders and peoples Egyptians Jordanians and Palestinians who are partners to this important process and want its success a process that will bring peace to our region and prevent bloodOvadia Yosefd. In his view Yosef seeks to apply the rulings of Karo on the entire Land of Israel but not necessarily outside of it.

He currently serves as the spiritual leader of the Shas political party in the Israeli parliament. Ovadia Yosef born Abdullah Youssef (Hebrew: עובדיה יוסף‎) (born September 23 1920) is the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel a recognised Talmudic scholar and foremost halakhic authority. His halakhic responsa are highly regarded within Orthodox circles and are considered binding in many Mizrahi communities among whom he is regarded as "the most important living halachic authority.

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