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I see myself and many artists like me as the torchbearers through these dark ages.

John Zorn

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John Zorn (born September 2 1953 in New York City) is an American avant-garde composer arranger record producer saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. He first released the composition "Godard" a tribute to French film-maker Jean-Luc Godard whose jump-cut technique inspired Zorn's compositional approach on the French tribute album The Godard Fans: Godard Ca Vous Chante? in 1986. Zorn establiJohn Zornd himself within the New York City downtown music movement in the mid-1970s and has since composed and performed with a wide range of musicians working in diverse musical areas.

Zorn has undertaken many tours of Europe Asia and the Middle East often performing at festivals with varying ensembles to display his diverse output. People are so obsessed with the surface that they can't see the connections but they are there. By the early 1990s Zorn was working extensively in Japan attracted by that culture's openness about borrowing and remixing ingredients from elsewhere before returning to New York as a permanent base in the mid-1990s.

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