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Morton Feldman

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For me it's the instrument. If I want to think of a flute and the state of the arts I hear a vibrato; I don't know what a flute is unless the person plays it for me.

— Morton Feldman

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I never feel that my music is sparse or minimalist; the way fat people never really think they're fat. I certainly don't consider myself minimalist at all.

— Morton Feldman

#consider #fat #feel #i #minimalist

I want to give my compliments to Australia. Ever since your government paid a few million dollars for a Jackson Pollack painting, I figure that it must be a marvellous country.

— Morton Feldman

#compliments #country #dollars #ever #few

I was once married to a woman who could eat anything and tell you what was in it: the most complicated recipes. Her memory of taste - now that's what I call memory!

— Morton Feldman

#call #complicated #could #eat #her

I've been living with the minor second all my life and I finally found a way to handle it.

— Morton Feldman

#finally #found #handle #i #life

If you think you might have secret information listening to me, you're lost.

— Morton Feldman

#listening #lost #me #might #secret

Music is essentially built upon primitive memory structures.

— Morton Feldman

#essentially #memory #music #primitive #structures

No one has the Houdini school of composition.

— Morton Feldman

#houdini #school

Since music has never had a Rembrandt, we have remained nothing more than musicians.

— Morton Feldman

#more #music #musicians #never #nothing

About Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman Quotes

Did you know about Morton Feldman?

Later he began to produce his very long works often in one continuous movement rarely shorter than half an hour in length and often much longer. Prior to that time Feldman had earned his living as a full-time employee at the family textile business in New York's garment district. He died from pancreatic cancer in 1987 at his home in Buffalo New York after fighting for his life for three months.

Feldman's works are characterized by notational innovations that he developed to create his characteristic sound: rhythms that seem to be free and floating; pitch shadings that seem softly unfocused; a generally quiet and slowly evolving music; recurring asymmetric patterns. Morton Feldman (January 12 1926 – September 3 1987) was an American composer born in New York City.

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