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You are well aware that it is not numbers or strength that bring the victories in war. No, it is when one side goes against the enemy with the gods' gift of a stronger morale that their adversaries, as a rule, cannot withstand them. I have noticed this point too, my friends, that in soldiering the people whose one aim is to keep alive usually find a wretched and dishonorable death, while the people who, realizing that death is the common lot of all men, make it their endeavour to die with honour, somehow seem more often to reach old age and to have a happier life when they are alive. These are facts which you too should realize (our situation demands it) and should show that you yourselves are brave men and should call on the rest to do likewise.


#bravery #cowardive #death #honor #life

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At Tarsus the soldiers became aware of Cyrus's plans to depose the king and as a result refused to continue. 430 – 354 BC) son of Gryllus of the deme Erchia of Athens also known as Xenophon of Athens was a Greek historian soldier mercenary philosopher and a contemporary and admirer of Socrates. ".

Xenophon (Greek: Ξενοφῶν Xenophōn; English pronunciation: /ˈzɛnəfən/ Greek pronunciation: [ksenopʰɔ̂ːn]; c. He is known for his writings on the history of his own times the 4th century BC preserving the sayings of Socrates and descriptions of life in ancient Greece and the Persian Empire.

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