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Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without hell.

Frank Borman

#capitalism #christianity #hell #like #without

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In May 1975 Borman was elected President and Chief Operating Officer. He was later promoted to Executive Vice President-General Operations Manager and was elected to Eastern Airlines's Board of Directors in July 1974. Borman currently resides with his wife Susan in Bighorn Montana.

In the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon Borman was played by David Andrews. Frank Frederick Borman II (born March 14 1928) is a retired NASA astronaut best remembered as the Commander of Apollo 8 the first mission to fly around the Moon making him along with fellow crew mates Jim Lovell and Bill Anders the first of only 24 humans to do so. Before flying on Apollo he set a fourteen-day spaceflight endurance record on Gemini 7 and also served on the NASA review board which investigated the Apollo 1 fire.

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