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Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and turns into a racket.

Eric Hoffer


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Certainly Europe had undergone a similar destruction of tradition but it had occurred centuries earlier at the end of the Medieval period and produced better results thanks to different circumstances. " He saw these puberty rites as essential for self-esteem and noted that mass movements and juvenile mindsets tend to go together to the point that anyone no matter what age who joins a mass movement immediately begins to exhibit juvenile behavior. Consequently self-loathing produces explosive effects that cannot be mitigated through social engineering schemes such as programs of wealth redistribution.

In 2001 the Eric Hoffer Award was establiEric Hofferd in his honor with permission granted by the Eric Hoffer Estate in 2005. His first book The True Believer publiEric Hofferd in 1951 was widely recognized as a classic receiving critical acclaim from both scholars and laymen although Hoffer believed that his book The Ordeal of Change was his finest work.

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