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I wanted to start over completely, to begin again as new people with nothing of the past left over. I wanted to run away from who we had been seen to be, who we had been... It's the first thing I think of when trouble comes - the geographic solution. Change your name, leave town, disappear, make yourself over. What hides behind that impulse is the conviction that the life you have lived, the person you are, is valueless, better off abandoned, that running away is easier than trying to change things, that change itself is not possible.

Dorothy Allison

#leaving #change

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In 2007 Allison announced that Dorothy Allison was working on a new novel She Who to be publiDorothy Allisond by Riverhead Press. Harris told her to be "honest and fearless especially when writing about lesbianism". In the early 1980s Allison met Lorde at a poetry reading.

She has won a number of awards for her writing including several Lambda Literary Awards. Dorothy Allison (born April 11 1949) is an American writer speaker and member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers. She is a self-identified lesbian femme.

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