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It is not merely enough to love literature if one wishes to spend one's life as a writer. It is a dangerous undertaking on the most primitive level. For, it seems to me, the act of writing with serious intent involves enormous personal risk. It entails the ongoing courage for self-discovery. It means one will walk forever on the tightrope, with each new step presenting the possiblity of learning a truth about oneself that is too terrible to bear.

Harlan Ellison

#inspiration #primitive #truth #courage

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Disney in the studio commissary joking about making a pornographic animated film featuring Disney characters. Since he has used the pseudonym mainly for works he wants to distance himself from it may be understood to mean that "this work is for the birds" or that it is of as much use as shoes to a bird. "

On August 31 he lost his temper with the community and with Willis for not defending him:

"Does not anyone READ WHAT I WROTE within fifteen minutes of learning of this? Does not anyone wonder why if it was such a piggish thing I did as one of those jerkwad blogs calls it Connie Willis hasn’t after twenty-five years of “friendship” not returned my call on Monday … or responded to the Fedex packet of my posting here on Monday which Fedex advises me Harlan Ellison received at 2:20 pm on Tuesday?" ".

His principal genre is speculative fiction. He was editor and anthologist for two ground-breaking science fiction anthologies Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions. Harlan Jay Ellison (born May 27 1934) is an American writer.

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