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Once upon a time, I, Chuang Tzu, dreamt that i was a butterfly. flitting around and enjoying myself. I had no idea I was Chuang Tzu. Then suddenly I woke up and was Chuang Tzu again. But I could not tell, had I been Chuang Tzu dreaming I was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I was now Chuang Tzu? However, there must be some sort of difference between Chuang Tzu and a butterfly!


#chuang-tzu #dreams #reality #taoism #dreams

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ISBN 978-0-231-03147-9. Go away quickly and do not soil me with your presence. (2 tr.

His philosophy can be considered a precursor of relativism in systems of value. He is credited with writing—in part or in whole—a work known by his name the Zhuangzi which expresses a philosophy which is skeptical arguing that life is limited and knowledge to be gained is unlimited.

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