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Bruce is still my friend. We don't talk much. We don't have to. He is great and in his own league. I'm not him and he is not me. But we are on similar paths, writing and singing out own kind of songs around the world, along with Bob and a few other singer/songwriters. It is a a silent fraternity of sorts, occupying this space in people's souls with our music. Last year, I lost my right-hand man, the pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith. This year Bruce lost his right-hand man, the saxophonist Clarence Clemons. It's time for another talk; friends can help each other just by being there. Now both of us will look to our right and see a giant hole, a memory, the past and the future. I won't play with another steel player trying to recreate Ben's parts, and I know Bruce won't play with another sax man trying to play Clarence's. Those parts are not going to happen again. They already did. That takes a lot out of our repertoires.

Neil Young

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Young typically plays this guitar in this stereo mode sending the separate signals to two different amps a Fender Deluxe and either a Fender Tremolux or a low-powered Tweed Fender Twin. On July 14 2006 Young was awarded the Order of Manitoba and on December 30 2009 was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. "Expecting to Fly" was a lushly produced ballad similar to the baroque pop of the mid-1960s featured a string arrangement that Young's co-producer for the track Jack Nitzsche would dub "symphonic pop.

The project involves a 1959 Lincoln Continental converted to hybrid technology which Young plans to drive to Washington D. Young has also adopted elements from newer styles such as alternative rock and grunge. Although he has lived in northern California since the 1970s and sings as frequently about U.

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