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Anybody watch General Clinic yesterday,” Vivian asked. “I had to work the lunch shift.” “Ooh, yeah,” Darlene said. “‘Fraid it doesn’t look good for Emile. It’s all that Mona’s fault. He wanted a private marriage and she wouldn’t listen.” At this, Vivian got a sad look in her eyes. Her mother had raised her on General Clinic. Her mother herself had been a faithful viewer for most of her life, ever since it was first aired. Instead of growing up on the stories of her mother’s childhood, Vivian was raised on bedtime summaries of past episodes of General Clinic, mostly from the 1970’s episodes, the so-called ‘stagnant years,’ highly underrated in her mother’s opinion. For 39 years her mother watched that show. Then she died. It happened just the way Aubrey murdered her son’s babysitter in the April 3, 1971 episode. What was the coincidence of that? Vivian thought about the irony of fate. Now she would be a victim of the very same unlikely probability. If only Emile would pull through…she might have a chance to hope.

Benson Bruno

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