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However, Nick acted as much as possible under the circumstances, and that was rectifying — it brought with it enjoyment and a working faith. He had not gone counter to the axiom that in a case of doubt one was to hold off; for that applied to choice, and he had not at present the slightest pretension to choosing. He knew he was lifted along, that what he was doing was not first-rate, that nothing was settled by it and that if there was essentially a problem in his life it would only grow tougher with keeping. But if doing one's sum to-morrow instead of to-day does not make the sum easier it at least makes to-day so.

Henry James

#muddling-through #procrastination #faith

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As more material became available to scholars including the diaries of contemporaries and hundreds of affectionate and sometimes erotic letters written by James to younger men the picture of neurotic celibacy gave way to a portrait of a closeted homosexual although as author Terry Eagleton has stated ". Strether is to bring the young man back to the family business but he encounters unexpected complications. James was one of the great letter-writers of any era.

The concept of a good or bad novel is judged solely upon whether the author is good or bad. He is primarily known for the series of novels in which he portrays the encounter of Americans with Europe and Europeans.

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