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The documents have not been conclusively proven false. Neither have they been proven authentic.

Bill Burkett

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which led to questions regarding his credibility and whether his claims could be proven. The documents purported to have been typed in the early seventies are widely reported to have almost certainly been produced with a computer using Microsoft Word on default settings.

He admitted to lying to CBS about the origin of the memos when he said he got them from fellow guardsman George Conn then claiming that he received the Killian documents from a woman calling herself "Lucy Ramirez. He claimed that in 1997 while outside the governor's office in Austin he allegedly overheard a conversation about "wanting to bury George W. When asked about Burkett's role in the controversy David Van Os Burkett's lawyer responded with the hypothetical that someone may have reconstructed documents that the preparer believed existed in 1972 or 1973.

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